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We operate a comprehensive communications network.

Incorporating the very latest high technology Cellular Communications Units and Digital Paging Systems.

We are contactable 24 Hrs. a day and all personnel carry digital pagers and mobile phones. We restrict the use of mobile phones in Theatre areas origin close proximity to Diagnostic suites to prevent interference with sensitive medical equipment. In this instance all calls are continually relayed to personnel via digital pagers until a confirmed response has been received. The advantage of this system is the guarantee that all requests will be responded to without delay.


E.M.S.S. 24-hour emergency response teams rely on BlackBerry
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Emergency Medical Support Services | 21 Northumberland Avenue | Dun Laoghaire | Co. Dublin | Ireland
Tel: 01 284 5925 :: Fax: 01 284 5926 :: Email: info@emss.ie

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