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All E.M.S.S. partake in a variety of on-going training programmes.

The most intensive of these being the Police Advanced Driving Program as set out by the London Police Driving College.

An important area of this advanced driver's course is the ability to drive an Emergency Response Vehicle in a controlled and efficient manner, having regard to the importance and urgency of the situation in band.

We are noted for our professionalism and ability to integrate with any of the Transplant Teams that we have transported and for our understanding of the importance of our ro1e in the link that is required for getting the team to the retrieval site and then returning them and organ safely and efficient1y to the unit.

Our drivers ability to cope with these intense situations of such importance is a direct result of the high level of training undertaken in all areas ranging from Driving Procedures, Emergency Medical Technician Programs and Emergency Response Management.


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