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We provide a service that meets the demands of hospitals, nursing homes and insurance companies that to date could only be provided by Full Size - Front Line Ambulance's.

It is our experience that many patients such as radiotherapy, cardiac, patients who have traveled from abroad on medical repatriation grounds or just any patient who is nervous or anxious, have expressed concerns at having to travel in large front line ambulances. The concept of Medical Cars and Understanding Staff provided by E.M.S.S will put these patients at ease and comfort whilst in our care.

Should it be medically necessary, any patient can be either upgraded to a Full Front Line Ambulance or transported under Blue Lights & Siren to a medical facility.

E.M.S.S continue to provide the highest possible standards of Service to patients entrusted to travel with us. To this end we operate dedicated performance vehicles.

These vehicles range in size from the Rover 620si, which will accommodate 3 passengers, full emergency equipment, oxygen storage, patient transfer chair and driver in excellent comfort, and the Ford Scorpio 2,3i Ghia, which will also carry 3 passengers in executive comfort and all equipment needed.

To complement our Medical Car Division we have a fully equipped and dedicated Mobility Support and Special Needs vehicle. This unit is wheelchair accessible and once in place, wheelchairs are secured by means of a 4 point Q-Straint belt system. The patient is also secured by a shoulder & lab seat belt, while remaining in the wheelchair.

The other variant for this unit is as an Incubator Transport Vehicle. Again the incubator is secured to the floor by means of the 4 point Q-Straint system for total safety.

The latest addition to our Front Line Fleet is a modem concept Mobile Intensive Therapy Ambulance. This vehicle is equipped to a very high standard, with on board Cardiac Defibrillator, sP02 Monitoring, Digital Non Invasive Blood Pressure. 3 and 12 Lead Cardiac Monitoring with Pacing Facility.

Whilst on board this ambulance the patient can be monitored both in the cab and also in the receiving Hospital or Medical Control Facility via a OSM Data Transmission System installed in this unit. All vital signs and video image can be transmitted world-wide.

All vehicles have on board Fax, Internet, and E-mail capabilities along with GPS Navigation.

All vehicles are White in colour and are equipped with Hi-Visibility Strobe Light bar, 3 Stage Siren and High Intensity Reflective Medical Markings.

Emergency Vehicles New For 2002
E.M.S.S continue to provide tie highest possible standards of service, and to this end a continued vehicle upgrade policy is employed. This ensures that the very latest standards of equipment and technology are incorporated in our High Profile Fleet. 2002 sees the introduction to our fleet of the most advanced Medical Transport Vehicles in the country to date.

• The Hyundai Trajet MPV
The Hyundai Trajet MPV is a Multi-role vehicle capable of carrying up to 6 passengers In comfort and style.

The added features of these vehicles is the provision of Onboard entertainment through our DVD System and Playstation Console.

In addition Live Satellite Tracking and Route Planning is provided as well as the standard onboard Mobile Office Systems, providing Fax, e-mail, SMS Printing and Internet Access.

These vehicles are used for general patient transfer but are primarily dedicated to our specialist medical transport services such as, Transplant Teams, Unaccompanied Transplant Organs, Routine & Emergency Blood Collections and Medical Teams & Equipment.

To this end the vehicles are on-call 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, and respond to an emergency call, e.g. Urgent Blood, within 15 minutes.

These vehicles are available in various presentations for example, High Profile fully marked emergency response vehicle (see picture above ), or Low Profile unmarked for specialist work such as, low key presence at an event or public gathering or discreet. patient transfer to or from home etc.

The ability of these vehicles to adapt to the various requirements of E.M.S.S is testament to the success of this model of vehicle in Ireland to date.

• Wilker Voyager Ford Transit Ambulance
Our continued search for, and the acquisition of the very latest high standard vehicles has lead us to develop in association wiTh Wilker - Auto Conversions and Tech-Auto Ltd one of the most advanced and stylish Front-line Ambulance Vehicles in the country.

This Vehicle is based on the Voyager Box Body fitted to a Ford Transit Chassis.

The layout and equipment has leen custom designed to our specification.

This vehicle provides for a flexible interior layout to accommodate the multi-role service provided by E.M.S.S to our many clients and their varying needs.

Combinations of Trolley, Fixed Seating, wheel Chair and Incubator can be accommodated.

In addition we provide transport for Advanced Life Support and other specialist medical equipment.

An Electronic Electrical Management System, designed by Tech-Auto, Tullamore has been installed in this vehicle.

This is the first system of its kind in an Irish Emergency Vehicle.

Through its Flip-flop Circuitry it provides multi-user control over the vehicles standard & emergency lighting Systems In addition to its power circuits.

All our recent Vehicles also have an Engine Management override system installed, which will detect if the vehicle is operating any of its Emergency Lights or Siren and will allow the driver remove the ignition keys and lock the vehicle but still allow the engine to run, thereby allowing full charging of the electrical system to take place. This guarantees all available power is available on return to the vehicle.

Approval of E.M.S.S & Ambulances

This vehicle, an addition to our other Ambulances, is approved under the guidelines of the National Ambulance Training Board, NATB.

E.M.S.S and its ambulances are also approved by VHI Healthcare, for the transport of its Members throughout the country.


In addition to this E.M.S.S are also providers of Medical Car and Ambulance Transport to the following organisations and companies.

  • Midland Health Board
  • Irish Blood Transfusion Services Board
  • Eastern Regional Health Authority
  • National Organ Transplant Program
  • Garda Medical Aid Society
  • Prison Officers Provident Fund
  • ESB Staff Medical Provident
  • BUPA Ireland
  • U.K Transport for Transplant
  • Lifeline (U.K) Medical Transport
  • Various U.K Health Trusts
  • Europe Assistance
  • Mondial Insurance
  • Tyrol Air Ambulance


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