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Introducing a New Dimension to
Ambulance Transport in Ireland

VHI Healthcare Approved


E.M.S.S was established in 1996 by Medical Transport Specialists
with over 40 years experience in the Medical Care Field.
We identified the need for a broader range of medical transport
service than that being provided by Front Line Ambulance’s
or Taxi’s as was the normal practice.
The Need for Ambulance Cars
We provide a service that meets the demands of Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Insurance Companies that to date could only be provided by Full Size - Front Line Ambulance’s. It is our experience that many patients such as those receiving
Radiotherapy Treatment and those going for Diagnostic Scans or nervous &
anxious patients, have expressed concerns at having to travel in large front line ambulances. Post Surgery Patients ( eg ~ joint replacement ) are all suited to Ambulance Car Transport.
The Understanding Staff provided by E.M.S.S will put these patients at ease and
comfort whilst in our care. Our vehicles are Staffed by Fully Trained Drivers and equipped with Portable Oxygen Supply and Full Medical / Trauma Kit.
Should it be medically necessary, any patient can be upgraded to a Full Front Line Ambulance or transported under Blue Lights & Siren to a Medical Facility.

BOOKINGS: 01 28 45 925


Emergency Medical Support Services | 21 Northumberland Avenue | Dun Laoghaire | Co. Dublin | Ireland
Tel: 01 284 5925 :: Fax: 01 284 5926 :: Email: info@emss.ie

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