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We collect our patients from a variety of locations including hospitals, nursing homes, ferry ports and airports to name but a few.

We escort all patients to the relevant department or area to which they are required to go to. This ensures continuity of care until they are handed over. It a!so
ensures correct patient introduction and enables us to establish a time for collection for the return journey if applicable.

A Professional and Caring Service

E.M.S.S. carry extensive professional insurance and all our staff are fully trained in all aspects of front line medical services. It is also our policy to continue a program of in-service training for all our front line personnel. Thus ensuring their skills are maintained to the highest standards arid that they are filly up to date with the latest practice.

Why use E.M.S.S. for your transport needs.

  • All staff trained and current Emergency Medical Technicians [EMT].
  • Each vehicle equipped with full emergency medical response equipment. Patients are escorted to and from receiving hospitals various departments or other locations, as the personal care by our staff is most important to the individual concerned.
  • Our staff have an in-depth experience of all hospital departments and are very capable of ensuring a high standard of patient care.
  • E.M.S.S. carry extensive professional insurance.
  • The financial benefits accrued from the use of the various modes of transport provided by E.M.S.S. at agreed rates can be very beneficial to annual budgets - thus freeing up resources for other departments needs.

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